Jean d'Alibert


Fourth largest vineyard owner in France

6000 hectares (15 000 acres) of vineyard

1500 winegrowers

Annual bottling capacity of 12 million bottles


Did you know?


The Languedoc-Roussillon region is dominated by 300 000 hectares (740 300 acres) of vineyards, three times the combined area of vineyards in Bordeaux and double the area in Australia.


There are 56 different grape varieties planted in the Pays d’Oc; that’s only one less than Heinz.


The word Languedoc comes from “langue d’Oc” or Occitan, the language traditionally spoken in southern France and parts of northern Spain. The use of Occitan is gradually declining, though attempts are being made to keep it alive with bilingual schools (or “calandretas”).


The Canal du Midi is a 241 km (150 mi) long canal in southern France.  This amazingly ambitious project, completed in the 1680s, allowed navigation between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean via the Gironde estuary north of Bordeaux.


Parts of it are still navigable and renting a barge is a good way to get to know the region and taste wines from the many properties located along the canal.

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